Sweet ideas for Mother’s Day to surprise her

Sweet ideas for Mother’s Day to surprise her

Mother’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated spring celebrations. If a gift based on the prevailing trend of the moment is not exactly ideal for your mother, then you could blow her away with exquisite. sweets for mother’s day. It will certainly be the most appropriate choice, a culinary tribute based on a cake for mom.

It has always been the mother who pampers us by cooking us delicious dishes. On the occasion of her party, each of us has the opportunity to reverse roles, cooking a sweet for mother’s day. Do you want to know what is the cakes for mother’s day perfect to choose? Below you will find a lot of valuable information to inspire you to mother’s day sweets.

The best Mother’s Day recipes

There is no realmother’s day cake“Obviously, because it is a dessert to personalize. The best candy for party It will be what your mom loves. And you’ll surely appreciate the idea even if the end result isn’t haute patisserie.

Cakes for mom: cakes

The sweet mother’s day The most characteristic is probably the cake. With simple and very traditional ingredients, it is probably the most popular cake for mother’s day. The procedure for the basic pastry is always the same; there may also be variations in the ingredients of the garnish. For example, you can choose fruit or different flavors of jam, depending on your personal preferences.

The procedure for preparing an exemplary shortcrust pastry is as follows: Arrange 300 grams of “volcano” flour, add 120 grams of melted butter, and then add 150 grams of sugar. Then add 1 whole egg and one yolk. Lemon zest and a little salt.

Prepare a loaf that should rest in the fridge for 2 hours. Next, spread 2/3 on a baking tray, filling with the chosen filling. With the remaining dough cut into strips, you can decorate the surface; you can prepare some decorations to embellish this cake for mom perhaps cutting the dough with molds in the shape of a heart or flower. Brush with egg yolk and bake for half an hour at 180°C.

Sweets for Mother’s Day: the rose cake

The name will inspire, but one of the mother’s day cakes the most loved is the rose cake. Likewise, the rose is the typical flower of May, which makes it a characteristic cake for mother’s day. A delicacy composed of a brioche-type sourdough, with the shape rolled up to recreate that of rose buds.

The dough is prepared with half a kilo of Manitoba flour, 3 beaten eggs, milk, sugar and butter. Mix everything and then add the yeast dissolved in milk and honey and the orange zest. Once leavened, the resulting dough is worked and, once spread, it is sprinkled with layers of jam and butter. Roll it up and cut it into slices. Bake at 180°C in a static oven for 45 minutes.

the macarons

they are gods mother’s day sweets particularly original and characterized by almond flour, combined with icing sugar. Beat the sugar and the egg whites until stiff, adding food coloring if you want the mixture to be in shades of pink. Add the meringue obtained to the flour mixture, then forming discs with the sac à poche. Let them rest, put them in the oven and meanwhile prepare the filling: strawberries and cream cooked for 5 minutes, together with the sifted potato starch and sugar. Blend everything and with the cream made, decorate the cooked disks.