Tempeh: how to cook soy meat

Tempeh: how to cook soy meat

tempeh is a dish derived from yellow soybeans, capable of satisfying the tastes of lovers of oriental cuisine, but also of vegans who, when tasting this dish, do not contradict their philosophy of life, since they do not harm animals. The tempeh recipes iIn fact, they are very suitable for a vegetarian diet.

how to cook tempeh

If you do not know how to cook temperah, know that the perfect ingredient for a successful dish is the correct cooking of soybeans, which are kept for 24 hours at 30 degrees. -Besides the vinegar, you have to add the Fungus called “Rhizopus Oligosporus”, the tempeh starterto favor the correct fermentation of soybeans.

Originally from the island of Java, in Indonesia, where this dish constitutes the daily diet of the local population, it is defined by Westerners soy meat, for its high protein content, comparable to meat. However, although it is still an excellent alternative for vegans, it cannot be considered a substitute for meat, since it does not contain a high enough amount of vitamin B12, which is useful for the synthesis of nucleic acids, such as DNA and RNA, which are essential for health. the survival of living beings.

homemade preparation

The tempeh where to buy? Also in the supermarket, or in grocery stores, especially organic or natural food stores. But if you don’t know the tempeh where to find it, you can easily prepare it at home. First of all you have to get the entree, or the mushroom. For homemade tempeh without entree Instead, you will always have to start with a piece of this food, with a mechanism similar to what happens with sourdough or yogurt.

Leave the soybeans in water for 24 hours: then remove the skin and drain. Boil the remaining (peeled) soybeans in water with the addition of a little vinegar for about half an hour.

Put the soybeans in a saucepan for a few minutes to remove moisture, add the cold water and the starter: mix everything. Place the soybeans in a plastic food bag, seal and punch two holes on both sides. Bake the soybeans and let them ferment for 2 days at 30 degrees. After this time, a layer of white mycelium will form on the soybean.

Tempeh how to cook: the different variations.

This dish can be cooked in several versions: baked with potatoes, fried or grilled, decorated with seasonal vegetables. But that’s not all: tempeh is also used for so-called “vegan” sauces or to fill potato medallions.

tempeh property

Tempeh is rich in phytoestrogens, such as isoflavones, plant compounds, which fulfill several functions: with an antioxidant function, useful for the prevention of tumors; act as a “sentinel” to control the symptoms of menopause, such as a sudden increase in blood cholesterol.

Tempeh contains other non-digestible natural fibers, prebiotics, useful for improving intestinal peristalsis and lowering cholesterol. With mineral salts, such as magnesium and iron, these fibers are the guarantee of a memory that is always in shape!

Rich in calcium, it is also a useful ally in the fight against osteoporosis.

ideas in the kitchen

With tempeh you can bring to the table many dishes that reproduce the tastes, flavors and smells of oriental cuisine. For him quick tempeh recipes are those that consist of cooking it quickly in a pan adding tomato sauce or spices, such as tempeh curry.

A variant of the Chinese almond chicken rice recipe. First, cook the rice. Next, cut the soy meat into cubes and cook for half an hour in soy sauce; add the leeks with a little oil. When it is golden, add the toasted almonds and then the cornstarch and a little water. You have to sauté everything in the pan for a few more minutes. You can bring your tasting to the table, combining it with rice with the addition of a splash of oil.

With the tempeh recipe delicious is the one with potatoes and mushrooms. Chop the food into strips and cook it in a pan with the addition of oil. Once golden, add the soy sauce and caramelize everything with the sweetener.

Once the mixture is obtained, add the well-cut potatoes with a little oil and a glass of water. In another pan, fry the onion and garlic in the oil; after a few minutes add the mushrooms, parsley and cook over medium heat.

Add the mushrooms, the potatoes with the caramelized tempeh and cook the mixture over low heat for 10 minutes. If you want to give the dish a touch of magic: season with paprika, coconut milk and tomato puree.

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