that’s how the neighborhood saved him

that’s how the neighborhood saved him

Iván, 30, had lost everything and was forced to live in a tent in the North Park of Milan: thanks to the solidarity of many citizens, little by little he is regaining control of his life.

Often demonized, social networks can be a useful tool capable of giving new lives and possibilities to those who need them: this is the case of Iván Lorusso, the thirtysomething who -after sleeping for a while in a tent and then in a caravan in Parco Nord in Milan – he was received at the home of a family who decided to help him after his announcements in some Facebook groups. His story is told by the newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”.

Ivan’s story

After growing up in an adoptive family, Ivan chose to find his birth mother and be reunited with her. Things did not go as he expected. He then decided to join his father in Puglia, but, as Corsera reveals, after a while he returned to Milan. After changing many jobs, almost all black and poorly paid, he managed to find work in a supermarket: with the pandemic, as it happened to many others, Iván also lost his job. Hence, due to the inability to pay the rent, he also lost his house.

The solidarity of Milan

Thus came the choice to go to sleep with a tent in the North Park. One day he met a girl to whom he told her story. From the San Gottardo Meda Montegani street social group to the “Noi di Niguarda” group, many mobilized to show solidarity and closeness to Iván: the boy himself began to write some posts asking for a sweatshirt or other clothing to protect himself. yourself from the cold. That was how someone offered him a haircut, other clothes, a bicycle and another camper. A few days ago a woman also decided to host him: the thirtysomething tries to help by shopping for others, cooking or making himself useful and -as he told Corsera- the rest of the time, looking for work.