The 5 best fried pizzerias in Turin

Tegamino pizza is a typical culinary specialty of the city of Turin. This type of pizza is characterized by the double leavening of the dough and by cooking it in the oven in a casserole or in a non-stick casserole with a veil of olive oil. Let’s see where to eat best in Turin!

Fried pizza “Da Gino” in Turin

The restaurant, not too big, is almost always full and does not accept reservations. But it’s worth the wait for one of the best fried pizzas in Turin. For years Gino has been a classic destination for lovers of this Turinese specialty.

From Michi

Historical place in Turin where they serve pizza al pan and farinata since 1971. Over the years the place has grown, but it continues without disappointing the Turinese who frequent it. The atmosphere is casual and spartan, the pizzas excellent. It also offers pan pizza, focaccia and farinata: excellent as an appetizer before the pizza.

Torinese Tegamino Pizza

Tegamino’s friends

Also in the historic center of Turin is this small and informal place where you can enjoy delicious fried pizza. The pizzeria is more suitable for take away than for true on-site dining (very few tables with high stools). Pizza soft in the heart and crispy on the edges… to try!

Cit ma bon: fried pizza in the center of Turin

“Small but good” is the Piedmontese motto that gives its name to this restaurant in the premontane area. The place is not very big and you have to queue a bit to sit at the tables and enjoy a very good grilled pizza served in different variants: from the simple margherita to the diabla with sausage. Also try their farinata.

pan pizza
Pan pizza in Turin

The Padellino

And last but not least, “Il Padellino”. In the center of Turin, under the arcades of the Savoy, you will find another of the historic addresses when it comes to pan pizza. Wood oven, soft pizza, in full compliance with the traditional recipe. Farinata and classic pizza are also on the menu.

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