The best diets of the week from April 26 to May 1

The best diets of the week from April 26 to May 1

Find the best diet for our needs It’s not easy: the goal is to regain well-being and lose those unwanted kilos, especially for the dressing room test. But giving up the pleasures of the table is a great effort. Fortunately, adopting a healthy and balanced diet is usually enough -along with moderate physical activity- to feel good and keeping fit. Let’s see what are the best tips from experts in terms of nutrition, to lose weight and protect our health without too much effort.

Goodbye sugars: how to reduce your consumption

The White sugar it is one of the first “enemies” of our diet: it is a substance that does not provide any fundamental nutrient, but does have a significant caloric intake. However, eliminating it from our diet is not enough, because sugars hide in many foods. Industrial products such as packaged snacks and sweets are especially rich in them, but we can find them even in unsuspected foods. So how can we reduce consumption, knowing that it is at the root of an increased risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes?

In addition to saying goodbye to the municipality sugar for cooking, there are many other strategies that can help us. For example, did you know that fiber slows down the absorption of sugars? Adding a significant amount to our diet can be useful to avoid the dangerous postprandial glycemic spike. It is also essential to learn read labels well of what we buy: we could discover details that until now had always escaped us, and that will allow us to spend more consciously.

How to cook vegetables correctly

The vegetables they are at the bottom of the food pyramid, and we must remember to bring a portion to the table with each main meal. For a healthy and balanced diet, it is important to vary the vegetables to ensure that our body absorbs all the nutrients it needs, including vitamins and mineral salts. But the type of cooking is also essential: the risk is precisely that of reduce nutritional value of the food we are cooking. Not to mention that we could find ourselves with a vegetable dish with a not exactly pleasant taste.

In this in-depth study, we have discovered the ideal cooking methods for the vegetables that are most found on our tables. These are particularly useful tips, because incorrect preparation of these dishes influences not only their success for the palate, but also (and above all) their benefits for our health. In fact, some cooking that is too aggressive can degrade certain nutrients, while, on the contrary, the consumption of certain raw vegetables does not bioavailable some of its substances.

B vitamins: everything you need to know

The B vitamins they are especially important, but being soluble in water we cannot accumulate them in our body. This means that we must take the right amount every day, to avoid dangerous deficiencies. But, what are these vitamins for and where can we find them? We talk about it with Doctor Lucila Tittanutritionist and researcher at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan.

In general, the B vitamins play an important role in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems. We should integrate the appropriate dose at any stage of our life, but there are situations in which this is even more important. This is the case for pregnant women, who should take folic acid supplements to reduce the risk of developing central nervous system problems in the fetus. Usually, however, proper nutrition is enough: the foods that contain good amounts of these vitamins are cereals, nuts and green leafy vegetables. The exception is vitamin B12, which is present only in foods of animal origin.