the boys from Pizzaut cook for the soldiers of Arma

the boys from Pizzaut cook for the soldiers of Arma

The Pizzaut boys celebrate June 2 with the gun. The pizza makers and special chefs wanted to thank the Carabinieri for the work they do every day, and the great service provided to the community during the pandemic, cooking for them.

On Wednesday, June 2, the two Pizzaut trucks made a stopover at the Carabinieri barracks in Cassina de Pecchi, a town where the Pizzaut restaurant was opened a month ago, the first pizzeria in Italy run by autistic people. A town so loved by young people where they are also learning to move independently through the streets, shops and using public transport.

Great emotion for Nico Acampora, founder of Pizzaut, for the children and relatives when the military opened the doors of their house to them. “At first Matteo, our pizza maker, was scared -says Nico Acampora-. He was afraid that the pizza was not going to be liked, and he was afraid that the military would arrest him”. Impossible to fail for Matteo and his kitchen companions: the Carabinieri of Cassina de Pecchi widely appreciated the goodness of the pizzas prepared, baked and served by the boys.

The courtyard of the barracks was transformed into an open-air restaurant with perfectly set tables. Then the grand finale with the cake: a wonder of sponge cake, cream and fruit where the symbols of the Weapon and the Pizzaut stood out.

“Thanks to the soldiers of Cassina de Pecchi – commented Nico Acampora at the end of the evening -. It was an unforgettable day, dedicated to inclusion and friendship. Thanks to the carabinieri who knew how to listen and speak, welcoming us into their home in an atmosphere of affection and familiarity. A special thanks to Captain Green, Marshal Leone, and their superiors who enthusiastically welcomed our request, transforming it into a unique growth experience for our children, happy to have served them their fantastic pizza and above all to have new friends in which they can rely”.

The emotions experienced that evening will remain indelible in the hearts of the Pizzaut boys. Talks, confidences and curiosities shared naturally with the men and women in uniform who serve at the Cassina de Pecchi barracks. Certain that we can always count on them, points of reference for the entire community.