The contaminated Buitoni pizza |  there’s another guy involved

The contaminated Buitoni pizza | there’s another guy involved

A new name arises regarding another product, regarding the bad situation of the contaminated Buitoni pizza.

The contaminated Buitoni pizza after which there have been more than fifty cases of Escherichia Coli and also two deaths continues to occupy the bench. In France, there is still talk of what happened in recent months, with the situation emerging from January 2022 onwards.

The Buitoni Bella Napoli pizza (Screenshot photo)

Since then there have been the first cases of contaminated Buitoni pizza (although there were already the first calls in June of last year, ed) that then emerged between March and April 2022. The victims are two children.while among the intoxicated there are two over ninety and then always adolescents or a little less, among the other 50 and more cases.

the mark of the Contaminated Buitoni pizza was Fraich’upand for weeks NestlĂ© has stopped the production of this food.

Which, despite having expressed closeness and concern for the people involved in this bad situation, is now forced to face foreseeable trials. And that’s not all

Contaminated Buitoni pizza, Bella Napoli also involved: the case

For now, only two people -husband and wife- have sued the multinational, owner of the Buitoni brand. Meanwhile, there is also another brand of contaminated Buitoni pizza.

a cooked pizza
A cooked pizza (Photo

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it seems that too Buitoni pizza “Bella Napoli”, also sold exclusively in France like Fraich’up, caused a case of unrest after his hiring. The case, for now the only one allegedly related to the “Bella Napoli”, dates back to March 27.

Three people are involved in this situation. A 34-year-old woman, her husband and her three-and-a-half-year-old son. All of them complained of abdominal pain, vomiting and onset of fever, with concomitant hospitalization.

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In the presence of the doctors, the woman spoke of the very recent intake of Buitoni pizza. And now the couple have chosen to seek compensation from Nestlé.

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