The Italian chef in Moscow who sides with Putin: “There is nothing missing here”

The Italian chef in Moscow who sides with Putin: “There is nothing missing here”

More than a month has passed since the invasion of Ucriana, and from day one many voices have been persecuted. War propaganda, as it is physiological, but also many protests and a clear position of a large part of the Russian population, despite the fact that even pronouncing the word war has become illegal. There are those who do not agree from within, those who instead have left Russia in protest and many others (Russians, but also Italians and Europeans in general) who work in Russia and have stayed, despite everything. , to safeguard the efforts made. A large number of people, which, however, is not the totality, as he underlines with his words Ivan Rorato, chef Venetian by birth and Russian by adoption. “I am a chef, I have a well-known restaurant in Moscow with a 100% Italian menu,” he says in a statement issued to ADN Kronos. If we lack food or raw material? Absolutely not, there is everything here. And what does not arrive, particularly Italian products, we have begun to produce it within the country “.

Salami, as he himself declares, but also cheeses and many other ingredients that they would occur “as if they were in Italy” even before the latest sanctions. Which, however, according to Rorato, were not so traumatic for the Russians, the same line of thought proposed by the government. In fact, he states that “only the first few days were a bit traumatic, due to people’s historical memory of the Soviet Union period, then everything returned to normal in a very short time. We still have everything, there is no product missing, Indeed, the supermarkets are full.

The only problem, according to Rorato, would be the price increase of some European raw materials. No mention of the big chains that have decided to leave Russia, the defection in protest of Michelin and 50 Best Restaurants. From his point of view, it seems that everything is going very well. Perhaps even better: “The burrata produced here has nothing to envy the Italian one, because here the cows have a lot of space, there are many pastures, and the quality of the raw material is excellent. When imports are reopened they will have to compete with me”, he declares with irony.

Beauty – Moscow

The production of raw materials made “to make Italy envious” is not the only activity of the chef., who has recently made headlines on television and in the press thanks to his proputinian position. His life divided between the restaurant (La Bellezza, in Moscow), his work as a personal chef and as a sausage maker, he tells on his website and on the blog, demonstrating the volcanic personality that distinguishes him. “I went to work in Russia and France, I fell in love with the Tuscan Maremma, cooking for well-known personalities and politicians, happened to see me on TV or hear me on the radio, someone says he saw me at the most exclusive parties in Cortina D’Ampezzo This is me. I follow my rules. I cook my way. In my dishes you can find my way “: this is how he describes himself on the digital pages of his site. An approach that has earned him followers, but also contrary opinions, as can be read on his (public) Facebook page among the many comments that even accuse him of not “being a real chef, since he claims that products made in Russia They are the same as the Italians”.

“Lies, only lies, here I pay by card and cell phone”, reads the caption of a video, in which the chef enters a McDonald’s a few days after the closing announcement, showing a classic transaction with Apple Pay or similar. According to Rorato, there would be very few defections from multinationals, including US ones, despite what was declared by the international media. In fact, he insists on his statements to the press: “Those who stay the most are the Americans. They import the merchandise directly from China, and therefore do not go through Europe. Apple is all open here, McDonald’s is not all closed. , Ikea is still paying its employees and organizing tours for tourists hoping to reopen.”

Almost all of your social networks have left the kitchen in the last month traditional, becoming almost a small communication newspaper, obviously adhering to the theses of Putin and the Russian government. Among the theses that he argues with the most passion is how much the Russian president is loved in his homeland, even more so by the Italians who emigrated “like me in the 90s.” “Moscow is a city that has it all -concludes his interview- and despite being a metropolis of almost 18 million inhabitants and very well cared for, at a manic level. If I think of Rome, I get chills.”