the original recipe for the second dish of Tuscan origin

the original recipe for the second dish of Tuscan origin


extra virgin olive oil

The chicken fricassee is an easy and tasty second course of Tuscan origin: a perfect recipe to serve for Sunday lunch or for a dinner with friends. The term fricassee comes from the French fricassee and refers to the way the white meat is slowly stewed together with butter, herbs and a final mixture of egg yolks and lemon juiceAnd: not only with chicken meat, this cooking technique can also be applied to other types of meat, or to other ingredients such as mushrooms or vegetables.

To make this recipe, we start with a sautéed extra virgin olive oil, spring onions and garlic. Once golden, we have placed the chicken thighs that will be browned on both sides for a few minutes. After obtaining a crispy skin, we will perfume it with some sage leaves and a sprig of rosemary, then we will cover everything with very hot chicken broth. After approximately one hour of cooking, we will pour a liquid mixture of egg yolks and lemon juice inside it, which will complete the dish creating a delicious cream.

You can replace the upper part of the thighs with some thighs or with gods chicken thighsbut also with some turkey legs. Instead of spring onions you can use onion either shallot and omit the garlic if you really don’t like it. You can also vary the aromatic herbs, adding for example marjoram, thyme either chives. When you add the mixture of egg yolks and lemon, for avoid the formation of lumps, Turn off the heat and shake the pot in a circular motion so that the liquid is evenly distributed.

If you liked this preparation, also try the pan-fried chicken with herbs recipe, or the Roman style chicken with peppers: both delicious and easy-to-make specialties, also ideal for a last-minute dinner.

How to prepare chicken fricassee

In a saucepan, pour a splash of extra virgin olive oil one.

Add the spring onions and the two cloves of garlic. two.

Once the oil has heated, place the chicken on top of the thighs. 3.

Brown the meat on both sides 4.

Mix over high heat with a glass of white wine 5then it evaporates.

Add the sage leaves and the sprig of rosemary. 6.

Cover the meat with the hot chicken broth 7.

Cook for about 60 minutes over low heat. 8.

Flip the chicken from time to time. 9.

When cooked add salt 10.

Meanwhile, pour the two egg yolks into a small bowl eleven.

add the lemon juice 12.

Beat the mixture vigorously with a fork. 13.

Pour the contents into the saucepan over the extinguished fire 14.

Shake the pot making circular movements so that the mixture is distributed and forms a cream fifteen.

Arrange the chicken with its cream and spring onions in a bowl sixteen.

Your chicken fricassee is ready to serve 17.


Chicken fricassee should be enjoyed hot on the spot. Alternatively, it can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1-2 days.

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