The peppers, garlic, oil and oregano on bread are fabulous

The peppers, garlic, oil and oregano on bread are fabulous

Many times it is not necessary to exaggerate to prepare a healthy and delicious recipe, we tried the peppers, garlic, oil and oregano

One of the simplest but most ingenious recipes to prepare with peppers, preserving their natural flavor and freshness. We are talking about peppers with garlic, oil and oregano, perfect to serve as an appetizer, as a garnish for a meat or fish dish, to enrich salads.

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But also to distribute in a bruschetta, in a sandwich, a focaccia, a piadina that is not only vegetarian. Baking preserves all the nature of the vegetable and the seasoning enhances it. And above all it is cheap.

Peppers garlic, oil and oregano good alone and in company

We can flavor these peperinos even more with garlic, oil and oregano by adding pitted olives, capers or some anchovies or anchovy fillets.

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4 bell peppers (two yellow and two red)
2 cloves of garlic
100ml extra virgin olive oil
5-6 basil leaves
fresh oregano to taste
salt to taste
black pepper to taste


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Let’s start by washing well i Peppersthen dry them and without opening them or removing the petiole, place them on a baking sheetwith or without parchment paper to cover the base.
Preheat the static oven to 190ยบ and then bake the peppers for approximately 1 hour. All we have to do at this stage is remind ourselves every 15, maximum 20 minutes of flip the peppers so they cook evenly.

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When the peppers are ready, beautiful roast, the second phase begins. We turn off the oven and put each pepper in a freezer bag, one of those food ones. Seal and leave for 1 more hour to cool naturally. You don’t need a fridge, just the kitchen counter or better yet the base of the sink.

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What’s the use of closing them in plastic bag? The steam that their cooking gives will spread through the bag and it will be much easier to peel them. When they are warm, after an hour, we can collect them again by removing the stem and also whole. peel we can gently walk away. We must also clean them of internal seeds and filaments for a better result.
Now we choose if we cut the peppers into fillets, diamonds, flakes or whatever we like the most, the movement also depends on how we want to use them more. For example, if they end up in a bruschetta, smaller pieces are better, but it’s also a matter of taste.
Pour everything into a bowl and then move on to the dressing. A generous dose of extra virgin olive oil, better if a little aged, the chopped basil leaf, a pinch of fresh oregano, a little salt, a little freshly ground pepper. If the temperature in the house is not low, it is best to store them in the refrigerator until almost serving time.

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