The perfect recipes for a “romantic” picnic

The perfect recipes for a “romantic” picnic

With the arrival of summer, even the first dates are moved outdoors, immersed in nature and why not, perhaps accompanied by a delicious snack.

In this sense, it is Tinder that forges a collaboration with the young chef Carmine Gorrasi and proposes some recipes to live one new dating experience full of flavor. Not in vain, among the 10 main interests of the members registered on the platform is precisely the kitchen room while, from 2022, the term Cooked saw a 15% increase in user timeline mentions compared to 2020. Finally, half of subscribers consider cooking as a perfect element for a successful “party”.

“Applications like Tinder are the perfect place to meet new people with whom to share hobbies and special occasions,” says the chef Carmine Gorrasi and continues Ā«Finding out that cooking is one of the most chosen hobbies by Tinder members was a pleasant surprise but on the other hand, you know, food always puts everyone on the same page! I have prepared these four recipes inspired by the different personalities that we can meet on the platform and the different ways in which you can spend an afternoon together, to meet and tell you, always in an authentic and genuine way“.

Whether it’s a date in the park or on the beach, what can we prepare that is simple and tasty? From the gourmet octopus-based sandwich to the vegetarian avocado toast, in the gallery you will find 4 recipes for a romantic picnic.

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