The pizza with the coda alla vaccinara from ‘Pizzeria Italia dal 1987’ wins the Pizza World Championship

The pizza with the coda alla vaccinara from ‘Pizzeria Italia dal 1987’ wins the Pizza World Championship

by Marco Barbaliscia

The best pizza in the world can be found in a place in our neighborhood. The ‘Pizzeria Italia dal 1987’, located at Corso d’Italia 103, won the World Championship of Pizza without Borders, category ‘4 hands’. The Porta Pia restaurant opened its doors in June 1987. It is managed by Marco Amicone, together with his sister Simona: “Ours is a family pizzeria, opened more than thirty years ago by my parents,” he says in Rome H24.

World Championship of Pizza without Borders, wins a neighborhood pizzeria

Pizzeria Italy
The certificate delivered to Pizzeria Italia since 1987

The affection of the neighbors and customers has never failed, but now an important recognition has arrived for the pizzeria: “It is the first time that we have won an award, I am very happy”, Marco confesses excitedly. But what are we talking about? The ‘Pizzeria Italia dal 1987’ participated in the World Championship of Pizza without Borders, a competition organized by RIM (Italian Catering Magazine) and held at the Fiera di Roma on April 25.

Italians, French, Argentines, Greeks. To compete for the final victory there were a few dozen pizza makers who came to Rome for the occasion from all over the world. The winner in the ‘4 hands’ category was ‘Pizzeria Italia dal 1987’: “The regulations for this specialty provide that a prepare the pizza must be a pizza chef and cookMark explains. “The first is in charge of the dough and the cooking of the pizza, the second of the recipe and the ingredients that will be used to dress it”.

Next, a jury of experts gives their vote to the preparations, following certain criteria: manual dexterity, presentation, flavor and cooking. ‘Pizzeria Italia dal 1987’ proposal the pizza with the coda alla vaccinaraelaborated ‘4 hands’ by Marco Amicone and Alfiero Falasca, chef and collaborator of the restaurant: “What gives us the most satisfaction is that the dough that led us to victory is ours, it is what we do every day in the pizzeria” Mark explains.

Pizzeria Italia since 1987, a victory to share with customers

Marco took the victory with enthusiasm: “I have participated in several contests in recent years, but I have always been close to the first prize. Having a mug to display is a pleasure. Winning a race is nice, but the certificates of esteem, affection and support that I receive every day from my clients are without a doubt the strongest adrenaline rush.“.

Since 1987, Pizzeria Italia is located at Corso d’Italia 103 and is open every day (except Sundays) from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.: “We are waiting for you at the restaurant to taste the world champion pizza dough”, closes Marco Amicone.