The pizzas of the great masters to celebrate World Pizza Day 2022

The pizzas of the great masters to celebrate World Pizza Day 2022

On Monday, January 17, the World Pizza Day 2022. An anniversary, world pizza daywhich is set on this date for a very specific reason.

In fact, January 17 is the day of Sant’Antonio Abate, considered the protector of bakers and pizza makers.

Then we asked some of the most famous pizza makers on the Italian scene with which Pizza will celebrate this anniversary.

Between seasonal ingredients and unexpected combinations, don’t miss this summary of Italian gourmet delicacies.



The pizzas of the most famous pizza makers for World Pizza Day 2022

Viola pizza by Matteo Aloe (Berberè)

Since we are in the month of January, I would like to focus on the Veganuary campaign that challenges us to eliminate the consumption of animals for the month of January and make it… vegan! Berberè has always paid attention to vegetables and for this month we have created a special vegan pizza with beet cream, sautéed leeks, black olives, chives and peanut butter. I hope that through pizzas we can increasingly promote vegetables and the Mediterranean diet, without giving up fun and flavour!

Ciro Salvo’s 50 Kaló Marinara Pizza (50 Kalò)

Pizza 50Kaló marinara from Ciro Salvo

To celebrate this day I suggest my 50 Kaló Marinara pizza. It is the iconic pizza of my brand, a product that fully reflects my idea of ​​pizza: based on a careful study of the raw materials, on the balance of combinations, on the lightness and high hydration of the dough. 50 Kalò Marinara is balanced but tasty and well rooted in the Neapolitan tradition, its ingredients are simple but well represent the territory from which they come. Datterini tomatoes, steamed escarole, Ufita garlic, Caiazzo black olives, Salina capers, Irpinia FAM PDO extra virgin olive oil. 50 It is part of “My vegetable pizzas”, the new section of the 2022 menu of 50 Kalò. It is an extension of the range of proposals with vegetable ingredients, in which it is possible to find pizzas with innovative and tasty vegetable toppings without sausages and the like.

Positano pizza from Manuel Maiorano (La Fenice)

Pizza Positano La Fenice Manuel Maiorano

For World Pizza Day 2022 I propose my Positano pizza. I really consider it a tasteful work of art. The ingredients are mozzarella fior di latte PDO, Andria smoked burrata, Neapolitan tarallo crumbled, bacon. Its flavor is unique and the products used are a Campania concentrate that is perceived in every bite.

Pasquale Pometto’s anti-meeting pizza (Piz)

Pasquale Pometto Piz Napiz Pizza Assembly

I chose my Anti Gathering pizza, with a more current name than ever and that hint of irony that has always characterized me and the menus of my pizzerias. Here we go beyond the concept of marinara to propose a pizza with garlic, onion and some hot peppers. A way, therefore, to keep the distance… with a lot of flavor

Riserva pizza by Massimiliano Fraccarolo and Riccardo Furlani (F Factor)

Pizza Fattore F

Apulian burrata from Andria, steamed fiolaro broccoli with Calabrian chilli pepper, black garlic, Taggiasca olives, Riserva sopressa from the Casara cheese factory and smoked ricotta flakes. We chose a pizza that for us represents our territory and the seasonality of winter. In fact, it has a strong flavor, evoking our plains and our mountains but also joining southern Italy in some of its details.

The evolutionary fried pizza of Cristian Marasco (Blue Grotto)

Pizza Marasco Evolutionary Fried Pizza Scarola

For this day dedicated to pizza, I thought of my Frito Evolutivo version. Its ingredients are escarole, anchovies from Cetara, olives from Apulia and capers from Salina, with the addition of sea bass and lemon zest. For me it is a symbol of restart and rebirth after the closure by Covid. It also represents the union of the traditions of the past with modern technique, which sees the meeting of different Italian grains and ingredients, in this case, of the Campania tradition.

Pizza Timilia by Riccardo and Daniel De Stasio (Pizzeria Giulio Cesare)

Pizza Pizzeria Giulio Cesare Novara

For World Pizza Day 2022 we certainly think of Timilia. It is a pizza with PDO San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, fried Km0 aubergines, sliced ​​almonds and fresh basil. The choice fell this pizza as it has always been on the menu. Thanks to its simplicity, its unmistakable flavor is always requested by our customers. We recommend it with our full impact.

La Sfincione Palermitano by Pierangelo Chifari (Archestratos de Gela)

Sfincione Palermitan Archstratum of Gela

There are many pizzas that have been part of my menu for years, but to better celebrate World Pizza Day, I could only choose the red Sfincione, also called Palermo Sfincione. A pizza that celebrates the history and tradition of my city, typically eaten on the street, which finds its “alter ego” in the Neapolitan fried or bag pizza. Precursor of modern street food, born from the hand of some nuns from the monastery of San Vito in Palermo, from the need to offer a different dish during the holidays. I do it strictly according to tradition with a sauce based on tomato, onion, anchovies, oregano and pieces of caciocavallo. It is a triumph of smells and flavors that is really hard to forget.

Gabriele Dani’s Margarita Pizza (Bottega Dani)

pizza margherita gabriele dani

To celebrate this day I suggest my Margherita pizza, because for such an important day dedicated to pizza there is nothing that could represent it better. Its ingredients are San Marzano tomato, traditional mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino Romano. Next, it is seasoned with a splash of our own extra virgin olive oil. This pizza is a symbol for us and in this 2022 it will be the union of 2 realities that bear my name, my places that will merge, between the Neapolitan tradition and the typical Tuscan one, or my pizza and Piciaccia

Antonio Pappalardo’s Coregone pizza (La Cascina dei Sapori)

Pizza Coregone La Cascina dei Sapori

To celebrate this day I chose pizza with white fish, burrata, puntarelle, olives and candied datterino from our last menu. In this pizza the main ingredient is white fish, a freshwater fish, which is served lightly smoked. The one we have selected comes from Lake Garda, from the Clarabella company that was born as a social cooperative for the labor insertion of people with mental and physical disabilities. For me it is essential to support companies like these, firstly because of the quality they offer, secondly because of the importance they have in our territory thanks to the projects they have carried out over the years.




Above: Pizza Positano by Manuel Maiorano