the signs that comfort themselves by eating

the signs that comfort themselves by eating

Food is undoubtedly one of the pleasures of life, but it can also be a valid tool for when you feel sad and want to find a good mood. If you have just suffered a disappointment and do not know how to react, surely you can find comfort in your favorite dish: let’s find out together if you are among the signs that comfort you by eating!

When eat, Whether in company or perhaps alone in a relaxing evening on the sofa, you will surely enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is no accident that the food can be a valid method (without exaggeration) to find a good mood when you are going through a difficult time.

Surely it has happened to you to be very sad and seek comfort in a tub of chocolate ice cream! But let’s find out together if you are among the signs of the zodiac yes indeed console always with him food.


For those born under the sign of Bull the food He is a faithful companion for life. And so, when they are happy, they will surely celebrate by cooking their own Favourite dish also for friends and family, while when they are sad will take refuge in sweets, eating out of all proportion! Fortunately for them, this phase lasts a short time and then they manage to recover!


Those born under the sign of Cancer manually pamper yourself and be pampered, especially when they are sad. that’s why he food it can be a tool with which they console themselves, allowing themselves a dose of sugars certainly higher than usual, adding sweets and cookies that serve to recover the good humor.


Believe it or not, because those born under the sign of Virgin they hardly allow themselves to be influenced by emotions, when they are in a period of strong stress and agitation, i Virgin result in eat more than necessary trying to vent all the negative feelings that affect you at that moment.


Being one of the most sensitive and emotional of the zodiac, it goes without saying that those born under the sign of Fish often choose to take refuge in food. Sweets are their true passion and they immediately find a smile again when they can indulge in a few more inconveniences than usual!