The super low-priced portable oven to cook pizza at home

The super low-priced portable oven to cook pizza at home

When one thinks of Italian cuisine, the Pizza! One of the highlights of our tradition in a short time has conquered the entire trunk and beyond, so much so that it reaches the court. Unforgettable is the preparation of Raffaele Esposito who dedicated a pizza to Queen Margaret of Savoy in 1889, from which he took his name.

There are many tricks and ingredients to obtain a delicious dough, but there is no doubt that there are also. Cooking plays a central role in the success or failure of pizza. Not all of us have a wood oven, so to obtain a result worthy of a restaurant directly at home, a valid alternative is the G3 Ferrari Delizia oven. The appliance not only guarantees flawless results, but is also offered with a 31% discount.

Have a 1200 watt peak power, is equipped with two resistances, one placed in the upper part and the other in the lower part of the oven. What makes the appliance unique is how quickly it reaches the optimum temperature for uniform cooking, 5 minutes are enough and the oven arrives up to 400°C. But not only that: it is also equipped with a special refractory stone designed to ensure the right level of humidity.

Perfect to please the whole family, with a 31cm diameter is capable of cooking even large pizzas ensuring a even cooking on the edges, also thanks to the adjustable thermostat that allows us to choose the temperature we want based on the dishes we cook. Ideal for homemade or frozen pizza, this oven can guarantee great results even with wraps. The timer with acoustic signal, then, ensures dishes cooked at the correct point without risking burning them.

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Once the recipe is ready, we only have to use the aluminum pallets for food use and take pizza ensuring maximum hygiene and without running the risk of burns.

Easy to move even when in operation, the insulating plastic handle allows you to handle the appliance safely. Characterized by a simple and essential design, once you have chosen your favorite color between the classic black, blue and gold or among the most contemporary ones such as orange, yellow and pink, all we have to do is start preparing our favorite pizza, helped for him recipe book included in the package.