there is a bull’s penis in the restaurant of the winner of MasterChef

there is a bull’s penis in the restaurant of the winner of MasterChef

Valerio Braschi, winner of MasterChef in 2017, but still without a Michelin star, returns to the limelight with the bull’s penis in the scapece.

Making himself talk is an art that the 25-year-old chef from Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna has perfected over time.

Periodically, using social media astutely, Valerio Braschi makes discussions like in the good old days of MasterChef.

The pretext is the dishes included in the menu of the 1978 Restaurant in Rome, in via Zara, near Villa Torlonia, of which he is chef and co-owner.

He has done it in the past with lasagna in a tube, distilled carbonara, pizza marinara in a bag.

Now it’s the turn of the bull’s penis in scapece.

Valerio Braschi: bull penis in scapece, MasterChef recipe

Bull penis in scapece, recipe chat by Valerio Braschi, chef former MasterChef winner

It is not the first time that the member of the powerful animal appears on the menu of a restaurant. On the contrary. The Guolizhuang of Beijing, China, has gained undying fame for specializing in animal penises, testicles, glands, and gonads.

But Valerio Braschi, since the days of MasterChef, has been interested in the image of the child prodigy of Italian cuisine. A researcher who studies the recipes of the past to propose them in the 1978 restaurant menu, revised and corrected thanks to his extraordinary talent

Here he is, in fact, writing on his Facebook profile.

“Many ingredients used in the past are almost unknown to us today. My obsessive search for raw materials made me rediscover a completely disused cut of beef in our country”.

The enthusiasm for the unusual ingredient of Valerio Braschi, the youngest MasterChef winner in history (he was 18 years old in 2017), is latent.

The taste is very delicate, the consistency is crazy. Thus, the chef from Romaña certifies his love for bull penis by describing the phases of the recipe.

Here is the detail of the bull penis in the scapece

“After having cleaned and peeled it, it is cooked for 18 hours at 75° in ultrasound along with a few drops of Beef Caramel to enhance its bovine flavour. Once cooked, we get a gelatinous dish from which we get many small bull-head-shaped portions.”

What is the landscape?

By scapece we mean a marinade in vinegar flavored with aromatic herbs of fried fish, or even vegetables, typical of southern Italy.

But Valerio Braschi’s scapece is not a real scapece. It just looks like gravy.

The chef who went from winning MasterChef to the title of “Young Man of the Year” of the Espresso 2021 restaurant guide explains again.

“We combine the bull penis with a spicy smoked eel sauce and in contrast with a mint and vinegar cream that is very reminiscent of Scapece. Bull penis, smoked eel and Scapece sauce.”

The final part of the social message focuses on the long work, made up of study and many tests, to reach the final result.

However, (more than) someone is left with the suspicion of a young but clever chef Valerio Braschi, subscribed to media shortcuts since his time as MasterChef. All culinary provocations not destined to go down in history. In the best case.

Let’s see them in detail.

From Masterchef to today: the provocations of Valerio Braschi

Valerio Braschi admires his “Pizza Marinara in a bag”

Lasagna in a tube – January 2021

The toothpaste-shaped tube that arrives at the table (it did, because the dish is no longer on the restaurant’s menu in 1978) contains a lasagna-like cream.

Lasagna in tube and toothbrush Valerio Braschi
Lasagna in a tube with a toothbrush by Valerio Braschi

To spread on an unusual toothbrush. Because it is made from egg pasta. Close all the Parmesan broth to sip it at the end.

Distilled Carbonara – May 2021

A quick pre-aperitif, practically a non-alcoholic shot. After roasted bacon and aged pecorino have been blended, the mixture is spread with an infusion of long-cooked black pepper.

Glass of Valerio Braschi Liquid Carbonara
The liquid or distilled Carbonara of the 1978 Restaurant in Rome

Then it’s up to the rotavapor, an evaporator that makes distillation possible, to reduce the dish to a carbonara distillate.

Pizza marinara il sachet – February 2022

Do you know the traditional Neapolitan pizza? Take the main ingredients and dehydrate them: oregano, tomato cream, powdered pizza edges. Place them in a heat-sealed bag that you eat in one bite because it is made with rice slices. Et voila, that’s it.

The 1978 restaurant menu in Rome

Interior of the 1978 restaurant in Rome

If the Michelin star is spoken of insistently for the Roman restaurant of the Romagna chef, after La Rossa reported in 1978 in Rome, it is for several reasons.

Surely Valerio Braschi, of all the aspiring chefs who have passed through Masterchef, is the only one who has fully fulfilled himself from a professional point of view.

Even the prices on the restaurant menu are for a starred restaurant. Until recently, €120 was spent for the tasting menu (“Metempsicosi”) without drinks.

These, on the other hand, are the prices of the dishes for those who want to eat a la carte. Will some culinary provocation suffice to justify them?


  • Snails, nduja, parsley and boletus – 25 €
  • February 28 – €45
  • Red tuna, smoked sauce and beef juice – €30
  • Plankton, scallops and cocoa – €25


  • Spaghetti, pepper extract, smoked scamorza cheese – €20
  • Cappelletti with potatoes and rabbit essence – 30 €
  • Risotto, yogurt, snails and juice – €25


  • Wagyu tongue, sea urchins and vegetables – €45
  • Squab, asparagus and escape – 30 €
  • Sheep, its yogurt, mole – 35 €


  • Five – €16
  • Eclipse – €16