This seasonal side dish is a concentrate of potassium and vitamin A, perfect to accompany fish, chicken and eggs.

This seasonal side dish is a concentrate of potassium and vitamin A, perfect to accompany fish, chicken and eggs.

When we talk about vegetables and various vegetables, we think of purely winter foods and relegated to the coldest months. In spring and summer, we replace hot side dishes with rich and colorful salads, full of nutrients and, above all, very fresh. Well, certainly, but we can’t just eat raw vegetables. Yes, because when we eat a salad we usually add lettuce, tomato, carrot and fennel that are not normally cooked.

From time to time, however, our stomachs require something softer and warmer, perhaps to accompany a second course of meat or fish. It’s not true that vegetable side dishes are just for winter, because some spring vegetables are delicious and can be cooked in many ways.

Today the experts in dietetics and nutrition at ProiezionidiBorsa want to talk to us about a very simple recipe that is a concentrate of potassium and vitamin A. A mix of vegetables that is very simple to make and excellent for the well-being of our body at 360 degrees. Let’s see what it is and why we should stock up on some typical vegetables at this time of year.

This seasonal side dish is a concentrate of potassium and vitamin A, perfect to accompany fish, chicken and eggs.

Our side dish is based on green beans, yellow and orange carrots, potatoes and peas. In this case, the protagonists are green beans and carrots thanks to their nutrients, often little known or underestimated.

In fact, green beans are very rich in vitamin A as well as guaranteeing excellent protection and the proper functioning of the intestine. On the other hand, carrots contain 320 mg of potassium, about the same as bananas.

We can decide to prepare this dish both in the oven and in a pan, according to our tastes and needs.

We just have to clean the vegetables well, peel them and let them boil for a few minutes, except for the peas that are ready in the supermarket. They are good both frozen and packed in glass or aluminum jars, so that we avoid cleaning them and wasting a lot of time. Attention then to the potatoes, which we can also leave with the skin to give our garnish more flavor.

Now let’s move on to cooking for a quick and delicious result.

Cook in the oven and in a pan.

If we opt for the oven, first let them boil for a few minutes, then cut them and place them in a dish covered with parchment paper. Season with a splash of oil, salt and oregano and bake for about 15 minutes. If, on the other hand, we prefer to cook them in a frying pan, keep them on a low heat for about ten minutes. Either way, we check from time to time, season with other spices to our liking, and voila.

It goes perfectly with chicken, fish, eggs and any other second that we have in mind (and on the plate). You can also enjoy it alone, if you want something light and without necessarily adding protein.

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