Tyson Fury enjoys retirement as he pursues a simple life, taking care of the kids, cooking steaks, and washing his fancy cars.

Tyson Fury enjoys retirement as he pursues a simple life, taking care of the kids, cooking steaks, and washing his fancy cars.

TYSON FURY changed the heavyweight division cleanup and grilling opponents with car washes and barbecues.

Gypsy King, 33, defended her WBC crown against Dillian Whyte last month, with a sixth-round uppercut.


Fury secured an impressive stoppage victory against his fellow Brit


And he insisted, after wowing 94,000 Wembley fans, that he was sailing into the twilight of retirement and relinquishing his title.

Not many within the sport believe that Fury is retiring at the height of his powers.

He will most likely enjoy another pro wrestling death race or sports confrontation with UFC champion Francis Ngannou, hoping to fight the winner of Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk for the other three belts.

But mental coach SugarHill Steward revealed how the 6-foot-9 father of six is ​​occupying his time and his belly for now.

Kronk’s gym coach said, “I still talk to him most days, but let’s not talk about boxing, he’s too busy cooking steaks, washing cars and spending time with the kids.

“He’s worked really hard over the years, so to get to the top and retire to the top, the toy has to take his hat off.

“He has a new trailer and is leaving with the family. He is having fun and I am happy with that.

The undefeated Fury believes his wins over Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte make him the best heavyweight of his era.

But AJ and Usyk, who have yet to announce their July rematch, believe he must face them to be recognized as the best of this generation.

Fury noted that more time with family was key to his retirement.


The gypsy king may already be more interested in his car collection: here he is buying a new electric Ferrari



Steward seems to agree, but argues that Fury can’t be blamed for the fact that the talent pool is shallow or that Joshua has suffered losses along the way.

The Detroit mentor explained: “I have to say I would have had to beat one or both of those guys to be considered one of the greatest of all time.

“But it’s not his fault these fights didn’t happen.

“Fury beat Klitschko when he was the best of his era, he took his time and then he beat Wilder who was the best undefeated of his era.

“If you’re the best of your time and the other challenges aren’t there, then it’s not your fault, the competition just isn’t there, it can’t be your fault.”

Fury has returned to his role as a garbage man at his Morecambe home.


The undefeated boxer is ready to continue his role as


Fury planted a kiss on his loving wife Paris after his latest boxing triumph