Urgent food recall |  Metro warns its customers

Urgent food recall | Metro warns its customers

The supermarket chain warns customers of an urgent food recall. What is the product in question?

Urgent food recallTo communicate it, it is the Metro chain that has announced that it has withdrawn a food affected by a major problem from sale in its supermarkets.

A Metro store (Twitter photo)

It is a contamination by heavy metals, as to imply possible health risks for those who eventually consume the product subject to urgent food recall.

They are slices of swordfish cut in the shape of a half moon and frozen. Metro has informed its customers of the absolute ban on the consumption of this fish due to a problem that arose as a result of its quality controls.

After a microscope analysis, mercury contamination emerged, present in quantities that exceed the maximum limit set by the European Commission within the regulations designed to guarantee food safety throughout the EU.

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Urgent food recall, details provided by Metro

To recognize the indicated product, Metro has provided useful information. First of all there is the brand, which is from Noriberica. Each unit of swordfish contaminated with excess mercury is marketed in packages of between 150 and 250 grams.

Frozen swordfish cut into slices
Frozen Sliced ​​Swordfish (Adobe Stock)

There is a single batch number under accusation: it is P22-059-76, which has an expiration date or minimum storage period of 09/14/2023. The manufacturing company is Congelados Noriberica, whose factory is located in the town of Mos de Pontevedra, in Spain.

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This fishery product is exported from the Iberian Peninsula to Italy. And for those who have bought one or more units of this food, the invitation is not to consume it. They must be returned to the reference point of sale, even without presenting the original purchase receipt.

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