What to do on Saturday night for dinner

What to do on Saturday night for dinner

What to do on Saturday night It is a question that we began to ask ourselves from adolescence. The desire to go out, see friends and go dancing. With the passing of the years needs also change And to that “what to do on Saturday night…” we usually add “for dinner!”.

Recipes and tips to make on Saturday nights

What am I cooking for dinner tonight? How many times have we uttered or heard this phrase even before our mothers? We know that it is always a bit problematic to have to decide what to bring to the table for dinner. A problem that can be even more difficult when it comes to dinner on Saturday night.

In it Weekend we always want something new, something different, something that makes us escape from our classic routine of the week and you don’t always feel like going out to dinner at a restaurant or somewhere downtown.

We have selected some ideas for you, for a Saturday afternoon at home, but full of flavor.


Among the most popular is undoubtedly the homemade pizza, water, flour and livito for a soft and tasty dough. In addition, preparing pizza is one of the favorite stress relievers of millions of Italians. also allows you to play with the imagination, having fun filling the pizza with everything that we like the most or that comes to mind. Red with mozzarella, stracchino and provolone, a triumph of vegetables, up to four cheeses. In short, if you really don’t know what to prepare and want to get your hands on the dough, pizza can be a great solution.

Find the recipe to make it at home at this link: How to make homemade pizza

the salty cake

Savory empanadas are a must to prepare when you are in the mood for something tasty and not the usual traditional dishes. The savory empanadas truly satisfy all tastes, from vegetables, with cold cuts and cheeses, to the more sophisticated ones with tuna and truffles, there really is something to enjoy on a Saturday night at home. An idea could be the Pasqualina cake from the Campania tradition.

rustic cake