World Team Pizza Championship: Team Cagliari wins silver

World Team Pizza Championship: Team Cagliari wins silver

Second place for Sardinia in the world team pizza championship in Palermo. Silver podium for the team formed by Emiliana Scarpa from Cagliari from Su Siccu’s floating barge restaurant “Sea Flower”, Giuseppe Viola from “Zio Ciro” in Muravera and Marco Mulas from Senorb√¨ from pizzeria bistrot “Etrigu” in Cagliari.

The first edition of the contest took place within the four days of Expocook, a fair dedicated to restoration, which closes today.

The Italian team of mixers made up of Luca Cillo, Matteo Frisa and Giuseppe Carbone took first place.

“We held the name of Cagliari with the emblem of the city sewn on our uniforms on display – explain the Sardinians -. The Municipality believed in us and granted us the patronage, we are happy to be honored”. His contemporary pizza proposal was based on datterini di Pula and burrata with Sardinian milk, dehydrated Selargius capers, anchovies from Sant’Antioco, Arborea garlic cream and oregano leaves created by Emiliana Scarpa Pure fennel dough for Giuseppe Viola with recipe palermitana based on sardines, stracciatella and breadcrumbs. Round trip Cagliari-Palermo” is the name of the pizza chosen by Marco Mulas: aubergine cream, stracciatella, tomato confit, red prawn, crispy bacon.

“We went to Palermo bringing our professionalism and a pinch of Sardinian pride and with the aim of enhancing the products of our land. We return with money that rewards us for the many sacrifices and passion”, is the comment of the three. pizza makers

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